PRO Level Unmanaged Servers

Server Hosting: You can find here one step more powerful unmanaged server solutions for quality and cheap dedicated servers.

ServerCPUCores /Freq.RAMRAIDfree IPs monthly Price/month 
E51650-1Intel Xeon E5 16506 c/ 12 t3.1 GHz+32 GB2 x 3 TB SATA316*$156.00 USDOrder Now
E51620Intel Xeon E5 16204 c/ 8 t3.6 GHz+64 GB2 x 2 TB SATA316*$150.00 USDOrder Now
E51650-2Intel Xeon E5 16506 c/ 12 t3.1 GHz+64 GB2 x 3 TB SATA316*$167.00 USDOrder Now
E52670Intel Xeon E5 26708 c/ 16 t2.6 GHz+128 GB2 x 3 TB SATA316*$202.00 USDOrder Now
4790KIntel i7 4790K4 c/ 8 t4 GHz+32 GB2 x 240 GB SSD16*$130.00 USDOrder Now
OP43861 x AMD Opteron 43868 c/ 8 t3.1 GHz+32 GB2 x 3 TB S16*$132.00 USDOrder Now
E31245v2Intel Xeon E3 1245v24 c/ 8 t3.4 GHz+32 GB3 x 300 GB SSD16*$153.00 USDOrder Now

General FAQ

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People usually know what is committed server hosting, but if you wish to educate self-more, we believe that this Wikipedia link is pretty helpful here:
Is a pretty common question, and we are creating an article that on quality way explain differences from all aspects of looking here.
We have pretty quick and straightforward process. Our technician will fully install OS of your choice on the server and make the server ready for use. Just wait for us Final "welcome" email with root access details.